Fay Wilson, who has a disability is desperately seeking the assistance of the police to stop the illegal activities plaguing her property in the Olympic Gardens Community.

Wilson told ROOTS News that she was away from her home for a short period, and upon her return, she realized that several persons are illegal extracting cable service and electricity from her property.

Seven illegal cable connections and one unauthorized electrical connections are presently on pot head of her house.
She reported the matter to the cable provider, however they sent technician who jus did an inspection and then left.
She then reported the matter to the police which was also a dead end.
Ms Wilson was told to report the matter to the Community Security and Safety Officer for the area but calls to his phone went unanswered.

Ms Wilson also lamented that she was afraid to speak after a dance was held in the community on Saturday night and the sound system was connected to on her electrical wires.

She is now at her witsend and is crying out for assistance.



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