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Jamaica Council Of Churches Call On Regional Leaders To Address Concerns In Haiti And Prays For Recovery Of First Lady

ROOTS FM NEWS: The Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) has called on regional leaders to immediately address security concerns in Haiti following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

Moïse was reportedly murdered inside his home early Wednesday morning. His wife Martine Moïse, who was also injured in the attack, was airlifted to the United States for treatment.

In a statement the council said it ”joins with the people of Haiti, both those at home and in the Diaspora, in mourning this tragedy and laments the persistent deterioration of civil order within the country.”

The JCC added that they will be praying for the recovery of Madamme Moïse from the injuries which she has received. They are dismayed that the social, economic and political factors which have historically beleaguered the nation have persisted and have now been exacerbated by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The council said Caricom Heads of Government and Secretariat and the Organization of American States (OAS) must work together to address concerns relating to development and security in Haiti and the region.

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