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MP Crawford Accepts Apology Of Hayles and Azan

ROOTS FM NEWS: Member of Parliament for Manchester Central, Rhoda Moy Crawford has accepted the apology made by Peoples National Party VP hopefuls Ian Hayles and Richard Azan for their remarks made about her over the weekend.

In a release today from the PNP, the vice presidential aspirants, Ian Hayles and Richard Azan, say they’re apologising to MP Crawford, after “having reflected on their remarks last Saturday”. Hayles and Azan added that they “have come to greater awareness that the norms in our society have evolved“.

The men stated that “while it was not the intention of either of them to say anything that could be regarded as outside the range of acceptable political platform oratory, they now both realize that what was said has caused offence, not only to their colleague, the Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, but also to members of the public.”

The statement ended by quoting Azan and Hayles as saying they commit to be more mindful of how their language may affect others in the future.

Hayles and Azan came under immense pressure to resign from members of their party and other public commentators. The Central Manchester MP described the comments as ‘distasteful’.


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