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PM Puts Country On Alert, Recrafted Measures Likely To Be Announced Next Week

ROOTS FM NEWS: Prime Minister Andrew Holness today warned that ‘it is very likely’ that he will be announcing recrafted COVID-19 measures on Tuesday after the Cabinet COVID sub-committee meets this weekend.

While speaking in Parliament today the Prime Minister warned that COVID-19 protocols/measures may be revised and tightened ahead of schedule if numbers continue to rise. He says what is driving the spread of COVID-19 is indiscipline and lack of adherence to protocols.

On Tuesday the island recorded 122 new cases, the highest recorded figures since the announcement of the recrafted measures. There were also 5 COVID related deaths and 27 recoveries. The positivity rate on Wednesday, stood at 16.1 percent.

The Health Ministry says they are carefully watching the reproductive rate which is currently at 1.2%.


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