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The People’s National Party (PNP) wishes to thank MP Lisa Hanna for her years of service to the PNP and the people of South East St Ann.

The PNP statement follows the revelation that she will not be seeking reelection in the upcoming general election.

In a release the PNP said Hanna who served three and a half terms as Member of Parliament has committed to serving her constituency through to the end of her term.
The Party Leader is also expressing appreciation to Hanna for her willingness to continue serving as the Party’s Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, and for her continued commitment to the Party and Jamaica.

PNP Leader Mark Golding

“Cde Hanna’s commitment to Jamaica remains an inspiration to our youth and those looking to enter representational politics. I look forward to continue working with Cde Hanna on areas in which she is passionate and has achieved significant results,” said Party Leader Mark Golding, MP.

The Party will work closely with the PNP Executive of South East St Ann to arrange a suitable occasion to honour MP Hanna and show their appreciation for the tremendous work she has done.

The PNP said Jamaica should join them in thanking her for her service and wishing her the very best as she charts her way forward



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