Roots 96.1 FM

Voice of the Inner City


ROOTS FM is a community radio station owned and operated by the Mustard Seed Communities. Our mission is to assist in inner-city development by focusing on the unique challenges faced by community residents as they go about their daily lives. All our programming aims to empower, uplift and enrich the lives of our listeners by promoting
knowledge, dialogue and entertainment that speak to their common realities and aspirations.

ROOTS FM broadcasts in Kingston, St. Andrew & St. Catherine on the 96.1FM frequency. Listeners are also situated on the fringes and slopes of St. Mary, Clarendon and St. Thomas. Our coverage area contains a population of approximately one million listeners.
According to a commissioned survey conducted by Market Research Services, listeners to ROOTS FM reside primarily in inner-city and lower middle income communities while the range of programming offered attracts a broad cross section of age ranges through day parts based on the lifestyles of these residents. The highest proportions of listeners are in the 21-45 age range.

About the Mustard Seed Communities
Mustard Seed Communities is a non-profit community development organization that began in 1978 in the depressed community of Mona Common on the outskirts of the city of Kingston, Jamaica. Mustard Seed’s objective is the enrichment and empowerment of the spiritually, psychologically and financially poor that live in urban communities, to
assist them in leaving the cycles of frustration and hopelessness that dominate their lives. The strategies adopted for the achievement of these objectives revolve around caring, sharing and training activities. In keeping with its mission, Mustard Seed established a home for abandoned children, most of whom had serious physical and
mental challenges such as Downs Syndrome, Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and other childhood disabilities. By 1990, fifty children were resident at the home. Now, Mustard Seed provides homes for over 400 residents in Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic and eight communities across Jamaica. The need for more effective means of empowerment for the residents of inner city communities led Mustard Seed to an exploration of the concept of community radio and its applicability in the voiceless communities of Kingston and St. Andrew. With UNESCO’s
assistance ROOTS FM (the station was so named by the community) was established on May 25 1998.

Why you should support ROOTS FM?
ROOTS FM is a not-for-profit radio station, funded mainly by our parent body Mustard Seed Communities as well as benevolent international donor agencies. Our work in creating interactive public education programmes, takes us into areas that commercial stations do not often venture. It is our belief that changing the state of our nation will
only occur when we change the state of the nation’s thinking. This includes dispelling myths and educating listeners on matters of national interest, particularly those that inform decision-making in all aspects of our lives. Because ours is an oral society, radio is the primary mass communicator, and therefore when you sponsor a programme on ROOTS, you are supporting community development through public education. All sponsorships are used to realize the mission and vision of Mustard Seed Communities through ROOTS FM.